Groovedrops October ‘Pick n Mix’

2 Nov


Yo yo Groovedroppers, happy new month ya‘ll (bollocks to Halloween!) and being the perceptive lot that you are, I reckon you’ll have already guessed that I’m celebrating all that calendar-page-turning-action with some delicious free tunage for your lucky lug holes. Welcome one and all to my ‘Pick n Mix’ of the best free tunes that have been made available to download via Soundcloud during October.




Firstly I’d like to apologise for not getting this mix up yesterday. I got online last night to find a certain Hip-Hop-hungry river horse had beat me to posting, selecting a sweet reworking of Stevie Wonder’s What The Fuss by Jayl Funk, which you can check out here. That same post-pinching hippo has also released a banging bit of Old School Voodooo Funk for free and managed to get himself scoured in the process! Congrats and Big Ups man, top tune that! Yesterday was also Thursday, which meant it was that time of the week when a cheeky little squirrel unveils his goodies for you by way of  the Weekly Soundcloud Scour, now live and lively over at Ghetto Funk HQ. Remember to get that thumb out for Spin, he needs to store up plenty to get him through the winter!

I’d also like to shout out FunkFreak, Free Breaks Blog, UK Glitch Hop, Adapted Records and of course Ghetto Funk for keeping my Facecrook feed full of beats, thanks for your efforts and Big Ups guys.

Of course, I also need to thank all the producers for their funky offerings. Huge Ups for all your time, hard work and generosity. PLEASE remember, if you download any of these free gems that also favouriting, commenting on or sharing them really is the very least you can do by way of a thank you!

Right, I’m going to try and get this over and done with now as I seriously doubt many people even read this much blurb. This  month’s mix has a distinctly glitched out vibe which I blame entirely on the madness that was last Friday at Whomp in Plan B, in Brixton. Huge Ups to Saam ‘Tryptich’ Hodivala for such an amazing night, the Itchy & Skratchy DJs, Vent and Opiuo for wrecking that sheet and all the happy, smiley people in attendance who made it such a laugh. Make sure you like the new Facecrook group here so you don’t miss the next one on Dec 28th (featuring Reso, Vent and Krossbow!). Then, when you see me there you can buy me a drink for the great advice, yeah? Yeah.

Right, all that’s left is for me to say a big thanks to YOU for checking out my mixed picks and for reading this far. Nice one yuuuuuur.

What you’re hearing…..

1) Respect The DJ – Emskee (Hoglodytes Edit)
2) Particle Buckit – Jpod vs. K-os (Bag-O-Beetz Re-Edit)
3) Freebass – 4Mat
4) Puff Puff Pass – Razle Dazle
5) No Love For Me – DMX (DJ Inko Remix)
6) Public Enemy Number One – Freqnik & WDRE (Funk Mob Remix)
7) Robo Booty – Opiuo (Papa Skunk Remix)
8) East Side Senorita – JT vs. PM Dawn (DJ Daigo Re-Bake)
9) En Orbita – Palov & Panama Cardoon
10) Zap-A-Lot – Redtenbacher’s Funkestra
11) You Did It Shin On – Afromode Mash-Up
12) Different Strokes – Syl Johnson (DJ Prime Stripped Version)
13) T.R.O.Y – Pete Rock & C.L Smooth (Poldoore Remix)
14) De Ja Vu – Made Men feat Biggie & Sadat X (Bruce Missile Re-Rub)
15) Time To The 1st Episode – FunkFreak vs. DJ Black Belt Greg
16) Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby- The O’Jays (Jim Sharp’s Pun Edit)
17) Ill Street Blues -Kool G Rap & DJ Polo (Chamber Remix)
18) Culture – Good Lyfe Addikts
19) Burn This Disco Down – The Milkman feat 6th Sense
20) Bustin’ Party Juice - PuckerFunk
21) Get Up! – Father Funk
22) Boogie Shoes – K.C And The Sunshine Band (Mista Nyce Guy Remix)
23) I want to Rest – The Soul Stirrers (Skeewiff’s Died & Gone To Heaven Re-Wiff)
24) I Got 5 On It – Luniz (DJ Maars Reggae Re-Fix)
25) So What The Fuss – Stevie Wonder (Jayl Funk Edit)
26) Come Into My Head – Kimbra (Opiuo Remix)
27) Super Scary Monsters – Grieves feat Prof
28) Hurt So Good – Susan Cadogan (Funkanizer Edit)



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