MooClef’s Medicine Cabinet

3 Sep

What’s your cure against anger? MooClef offers “Soultherapy” in his Anger Management EP. This is Room with no windows, the album’s third track:

I’ve rarely heard such smooth instrumental hip-hop. No-nonsense drums under some real  double bass. Damn, there’s not enough double bass in hip hop… Gives the track a beautiful sense of depth, and notice how its rhythmic wandering contrasts with the straight drums.

No anger left.

MooClef’s also laid down chilled out pads and a couple of well placed keys, and has peppered the track with synth bits and asian sounds.  All natural ingredients too, according to his profile, “all the samples he uses in the songs are written and recorded by him in his Home Studio.” It must be this combination of unique sounds and well-laid chilled groove that makes this therapeutic, ”the best type of therapy for releasing stress, anger or whatever is on your mind” says MooClef. And he’s a good doctor.

Just goes to show how vast the land of hip-hop is: a place where you can encounter the wildest hot-tempered fellows, and the medicine cabinet that is Anger Management EP.

  • Download Room with no windows free here.
  • The whole EP is available is freely available over-the-counter here.
  • Check out MooClef’s profile here.




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