17 Apr

We start with a breezy flute but a delayed angry guitar brings a heavy juicy beat with it. Comes a little break a few seconds later, and we’re then back into SPIEDKIKS’s banging Ear Conflict On Main Street.

This duo from Germany brings us a track with beautiful breakbeat drums and an assured pace. A perfect track for a spy movie, I’d say, one that takes place in some exotic country (the flute gives it away).

Raise your hands up, it’s the legacy of Big Beat times. The track positively reminds me of Propellerheads’ take on the James Bond Theme, although these guys’ sound has its unique flavour unique to it.

There’s a different, more varied mix of verses, breaks and choruses, here, for one, and the track has more action than the Prop’s symphony. Many instruments are featured in here, you got some wicked synth sounds jamming alongside an awesome slap bass riff, brass, the right vocal samples, and even some strings. A very tight, high-quality track, just like the other slammers on their SoundCloud.

  • Check out SPIEDKIK’s SoundCloud profile here.
  • Say hi to them on Facebook here.



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