Fauxshow’s June ‘Pick n Mix’

11 Jul

  Yo yo yo Groovedroppers, it’s ‘Pick n Mix’ time, only ten days late which seems to conveniently coincide with the ten days of decent weather that we’ve experienced in the UK. Anyway, I’m now so burnt that I need to stay out of the sun so I’ve finally found the time to record and [...]

Sweet Funky Jazz from the Raymon Lazer Trio

24 Jun

A sweet, loungy track from the Raymon Lazer Trio is what we have here. There’s a voice calling “Lola” throughout the track, with the creative jazzy horns coming in and out. A funky breakbeat keeps the groove flowing smoothly. Loving the catchy and not too in-your-face verses. Check out this track’s video here. Check out [...]

Jungle Book and Jazzy Jeff Mash

11 Jun

The Muthafunkers blended Jazzy Jeff, Del Da Funky Homosapiens and King Louie’s Song from the Jungle book! Free DL here Check the Muthafunkers

Fauxshow’s May ‘Pick n Mix’

6 Jun

  Wassup mahfunkers?!! Welcome to yet another ‘Pick n Mix’, in which I have collated and combined a collection of my favourite freebies that I found on Soundcloud during the month of May.       Gotta throw out the usual Huge Ups to that dreamy duo Spinforth & Fat Harry for their ever excellent Souncloud Scour, UK Glitch [...]

Goodness from Ewan’s trunk!

16 May

Pure goodness from Ewan Hoozami in this mix made for the Tea & Cake Records Radio Show. We have some quality hip-hop remixes, big beat, and raw funk. Love the smooth feel it has!

Fauxshow’s April ‘Pick n Mix’

9 May

  How do Groovedroppers? Welcome to my ‘Pick n Mix’ of some of my favourite tunes that have been put up for free download in April, which, according to a fast developing tradition, is late yet again!       I’m yet again rather pressed for time so I’d just quickly like to thank J-Sound, [...]

A little free and treacherous gem from DJ Topor

27 Apr

So this DJ Topor wrote to us. We’ll write about him. In this gem he mashes up the Treacherous 3′s Can U Hang With the Gang with one of his instrumentals. The boogie is unique. His SoundCloud profile contains a set of very nice and funky instrumentals, grab them soon. More of his stuff is on [...]

Get a dose of funk and funk vinyl crackle in Valentino 45′s mix

10 Apr

As his name implies, Valentino 45 likes circular pieces of wax that rotate 45 times per minute. Oh, and they have to contain funk: The mix takes us through a part of Valentino’s potent record collection. We approve. Check out Valentino’s other mixes and tracks here Give him a like on facebook here

Fauxshow’s March ‘Pick n Mix’

9 Apr

  Ahoyhoy Groovedropers and welcome to my later-than-ever, monthly ‘Pick n Mix’, which this time features some of my favourite, funky freebies that i stumbled upon in March.         I’m nine days late with this mix and i was on the receiving end of a deserved bollocking over the phone earlier from [...]

DJ Mr Lob takes us through Jaze Baqti’s grooves

9 Apr

DJ Mr Lob’s journeys through the music clouds are always worth following. In this trip he explores the lands of producer Jaze Baqti and links up this mix. It’s a pleasing invitation to get to know better Jaze’s tracks, with a selection of grooving, jazzy, and stylish instrumentals and very well-made collaborations with other artists. [...]